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How It Works

The goal of the app is to use smart phone and GPS technology to make traffic stops safer. This app allows motorists to send key information to police officers as soon as they are being pulled over. In return, information like the officer’s name and badge number is sent back to the driver. This app assists both motorists and officers by providing greater communication immediately as a stop occurs.

For officers, they have more insight into who is driving the car, including some things about the driver that could impact interaction like : hearing issues, PTSD, Bipolar, taking medications, or even fighting depression.

Origin of the App

The app was the result of an idea that originated in 2016. We wanted to explore ways of making traffic stops safer for everyone involved, motorists and police officers. Seems like almost weekly, there is an incident that occurs during a traffic stop. Because of the number of apps these days and the fact that smart phones have become an indispensable part of society today, we wanted to see how this technology could be used to improve the problem.

The Future

In time, we would like to incorporate more features to help identify the bad apples which could be police officers or motorists. However, our goal initially is to improve communication between law abiding citizens and good police officers to prevent misunderstandings that result in tragedy.

We feel that most motorists are law abiding citizens and that most police officers do a good job. We want to make a simple traffic stop as uneventful as possible and we feel that one of the best ways to do this is with improved communication.